PS Hardened DLC V6 Compatible Nozzle


PS Hardened DLC V6 Compatible Nozzle

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  • DLC coating on whole nozzle surface
  • Hardness 7.8 Mohs
  • Max Temp 450c
  • Thermal Conductivity 26W/m-k
  • Tolerance +/- 0.01mm
  • Inner Hole Roughness <= Ra0.4um
  • Concentricity <= 0.02mm

In 3D printing filaments, composite consumables containing abrasive additives such as carbon fiber, steel, wood, boron carbide, tungsten and phosphorescent pigments are often very hard.The use of ordinary nozzle printing, will soon wear holes and inner diameter, destroying the original performance of the nozzle.

And Mohs type hardness of the hardened steel nozzle is 7.8, the highest printing temperature is 450℃, with high wear resistance, high temperature resistance. The hardened steel nozzle is the user's first choice for printing high strength filaments!

Hardness over HRC60 makes an minimum wear at the hole size after a long time printing with abrasive materials;

Temperature resistance up to 450℃, easily handling with special engineering plastics such as PEEK;

Special processing technology and post-treatment make the nozzle without burr at the edge of tip and without debris in the hole;
Inner hole roughness lower than Ra0.4; Higher smoothness and less adhesion;
Min. diameter of hole 0.1mm/±0.01mm in experimental level application, making sure high accuracy printing;

High quality imported die steel material ensures the stability of performance.

DLC coating on whole nozzle surface with its hardness HV2500, thickness 2μm, and friction coefficient 0.03; Fine finish, low adhesion, high wear resistance.

Superior quality imported high-speed steel bars, special post-treatment, high temperature hardness up to HRC62.

Overall high temperature resistance 450℃, suitable for PEEK and other special engineering plastics printing.

Min. hole diameter 0.2mm (±0.01mm) to meet special application requirements and enable high accuracy printing.

Special processing technology and post-treatment ensure fine orifice and high smooth inner hole.