SphèreCo Technologies inc. 20230302 Various MGN12H/MGN9H Rails

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  • 6x MGN12H-500mm with carrier --LDO-MGN12H-1R-500Z0--$37/PCS
  • 2x MGN12H-550mm with carrier-- LDO-MGN12H-1R-550Z0-- $39/PCS
  • 1x MGN12H-700mm with carrier--LDO-MGN12H-1R-700Z0--$47/PCS
  • 2x MGN12H-800mm with carrier--LDO-MGN12H-1R-800Z0--$51/PCS
  • 1x extra MGN12H carrier--$13.5/PCS
  • 5x MGN9H-400mm with carrier--LDO-MGN9H-1R-400Z0--$39/PCS
  • 4x MGN9H-50mm with carrier (Z1 preload : SLR9H-1R-50Z1-E5 – for Voron Tap)--LDO-MGN9H-1R-50Z1--$17/PCS (STAINLESS VERSION)
  • 2x MGN9H-100mm with carrier (Z1 preload)--LDO-MGN9H-1R-100Z1--$16/PCS

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